an extraordinary collection of ferrari

Collection Ferrari Luc Poirier - Salon International de l'auto de Montréal 2024


econd year, twice as many Ferraris! Luc Poirier, the maestro of Italian cars, unveils his collection even more.

After the presentation, among other things, of last year’s quintet of supercars, he spoils us with the Ferrari series with V8 engine, V12, a touch of hybrid V6, and even a Dino for the chic!



An exhibition with so many Ferraris brought me back in memories of the Italian brand’s car events that I had the opportunity to visit in the past.


Here are some 3!


3 milestone events visited

In 2009, I went to Palm Beach, Florida to see the concorso d'éléganza of the Cavallino Classic in front of the fabulous Hotel Bracker.

This prestigious concours is divided into 2 zones. Exclusive cars of concours caliber built at a certain time before 1965 and models more mass produced from the 60s to today.

It is not uncommon to see a Ferrari GTO from 1961 to 1963.


To see more photos of this event, the link is:




In 2019, during my visit to Rétromobile in Paris, I went to Monaco to see a hand-picked Ferrari exhibition.

The exhibition was held at the Museum of the Collection of the H.S.H. Prince of Monaco.

The exhibition was divided into 4 sections: road cars, endurance racing, Formula 1 and the top 5 supercars of the brand.

I may have seen the single-seater winner of the 1970 Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit du Mont Tremblant. The car was driven by Jacky Icks.



In 2022, it was the Ferrari Club of America Concours was held at Mont Tremblant that will mark my spirit of tifosi with the presence of Gilles Villeneuve’s Formula 1, the same one with which he won in Montreal in 1978.

In 2017, I had the opportunity to see the so-called Gilles single-seater at the Toronto Auto Show commemorating 50 years of Formula 1 in Canada through an interesting exhibition.

It took 12 or 13 trips of semi-trailer with 2 or 3 vehicles to bring the collection of Mr. Poirier to the Palais des Congrès according to this one.



ferrari in numbers, letters ans historical facts

The numbers and abbreviations used by Ferrari have a very precise meaning. Here are the differences according to the periods and engines.

During the 1950s, the 250 nomenclature appeared. This is the volume in cubic centimeters of a cylinder of the V12 engine of the time which was 250 cm/cube. Will come the numbers 275, 330... By multiplying 250 X 12, it gives 3000 cm/ cube which is equivalent to 3 liters, the engine displacement.

At the arrival of the V8, the number 308 was be used and is defined as follows: 3.0 liter engine and 8 cylinders. Over the years, the numbers 328, 458, 488 will be used.


In the 1970s, a 12-cylinder model was named 512 for a 5-litre and 12-cylinder engine. 612 will be the next step with the Scagliatti in the 2000s.

For the GTB and GTS appellations, the first means Gran Tourismo Berlinetta and the second, Gran Tourismo Spider.

The word Berlinetta is a type of sports coupe body style used during endurance races in Europe.


The word Barchetta is a type of sports convertible body style used during endurance races in Europe.


the history behind the ferrari gto

The legendary name GTO means "Gran Tourismo Omologato". In 1961, Ferrari developed the GTO model from the 250 GT Berlinetta which was itself created in 1959 for the new FIA international championship of sports car manufacturers.

The "J" rule allowed to change some parts for a new season. Enzo pushed his luck by changing the complete body without changing the chassis or the engine, which was homologated by the FIA, hence the creation of the famous name.

The GTO designation will be brought back twice in 1984 on the Ferrari 288 GTO and on the Ferrari 599 GTO in 2010 that were also homologate for race duty.


why ferraris are red ?

The use of red on a Ferrari as a body colour dates back to the beginning of the car racing in Europe.

Every country in Europe has a special color like dark green for England, white for Germany which turned silver in the 1930s, light blue for France, yellow for Belgium and red for Italy.

Note that the corporate color of Ferrari is yellow. The color is visible on the logo affixed to the front of a Ferrari that has a yellow background.


The diversity of body colours is worth mentioning, especially since Mr. Poirier already said in an interview that he did not want to have them all red.

about luc poirier

Luc Poirier is the founder-president of the company Poirier, investor and shareholder of thirty companies in fields ranging from real estate to reforestation through engineering, manufacture, import-export, services, catering, the environment or active and urban transportation.

He is at the head of several renowned and often awarded major real estate projects, including Saint-Lambert-sur-le-Golf (St-Lambert), Le Griffix (southwest of Montreal) and Rubic (downtown Montreal).

In addition, Luc Poirier has one of the largest Ferrari collections in Canada. His passion comes from his life as a young adult.

His first car was a Porsche... at 16.

The report of the exhibition of the collection of Luc Poirier is divided into 3 pages in total including this one.

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