In the exhilarating chapter of 2023, the automotive world marks 75 years of sports car marvel since the inception in 1948 with the Porsche 356 Pre A until the 2022 Porsche Taycan, the 1st electric car from the constructor.


      The stage was set with a museum like exhibition divided into four captivating sections that make us travelling back in time through the great history of the german famous brand.



In this report, the car display was done with along side wall parking except for the 4 cars outside the room and the 3 top Porsches. It lets me be possible to photograph the cars in 2 standard angles of views, side and front 3/4.




Before entering the display, I pause before a beacon of the event – the 1969 Porsche 917 LH (Long-Tail). This machine once claimed the pole position at the legendary 1000 km of Spa, a testament to its blazing speed.

Yet, history's shadows also linger. 


Amid the echoes of triumph, the 24 Hours of Le Mans bore witness to tragedy, as a private pilot met his fate at the helm of this very machine. 


The journey of greatness weaves both glory and sorrow, etching a timeless tale.


 PART 1: THE 356s


On an exciting journey, the Porsche 356 Pre A emerged from the mind of Ferry Porsche, son of Ferdinand. A masterpiece of innovation, the first 52 in this series were meticulously handcrafted in Austria between 1948 and 1950. Their bodies, a symphony of aluminum panels, whispered of speed and grace.

The 1952 Porsche 356 Pre A, a black marvel, left Stuttgart with a steel body, marking an evolution in prowess. This process continued until 1955, capturing the essence of an era.

On the other side of the Atlantic, an American importer asked for a convertible variant, a bold gamble to rival British subcompacts. In this high-stakes competitive dance, history has paved the way for an automotive revolution.

In this realm of favorites, admire the 1959 Porsche 356 A Carrera GT Speedster (1 of 14 with 692/3 engine) - a treasure born of its stripped-down lines, adorned with feather-light aluminum bodywork. Its racing performance defied its modest displacement, rivaling machines two or three times its size.

The fascinating 1962 Porsche 356 B 1600 Roadster echoes the exhibition. A tribute to Janis Joplin's iconic imagination, it reflects her spirit with an artistically psychedelic painting that weaves the tale of the cosmos. Behold the eye of the universe peering from its hood, a fascinating journey into art and power.

The cars presented:

1952 Porsche 356 Pre A (black)

1959 Porsche 356 A Carrera GT Speedster (Crimson)

1962 Porsche 356 B 1600 Roadster (Janis Joplin car recreation)




Lightweight - a jewel among the rare that this 1970 Porsche 911 ST Lightweight, with only 33 units manufactured. Born to conquer the fierce battlefields of Group 4 Special GT by the FIA, every ounce of luxury was lost, every panel slimmed, every wheel shrunk, all for the noble cause of losing weight and unleashing power.

As the echoes of Formula 1 fade, the 1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS is thrust into the spotlight, designed for greatness in the GT class. The pursuit of excellence is evident in the assembly of 100 units, each with a fiberglass body - a pioneering innovation from Porsche's hands.

And as the curtain rises, the Porsche 924 GTR emerges, #2 of an elite 17. A forerunner in innovation, it was the first water-cooled front-engine marvel unveiled in 1976. As the fourth chapter in its lineage, following the regular 924, the 924 Turbo and the 924 Carrera GT, it bears witness to relentless progress.

The cars presented:

1970 Porsche 911 ST Lightweight

1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS

1981 Porsche 924 GTR




In a fascinating story, the 1984 Porsche 928 S made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1977. It appeared as a beacon of luxury, standing tall among its brethren. Offering 234 robust horsepower in American guise, 300 on European shores, power knew no bounds.

The year 1987 triggered a new trend: the Porsche 911 Turbo Slantnose (930S). Among the elite, a number of 948 to be born, its heart beat to the rhythm of a 3.3L engine, a raging 330 hp tamed inside.

In 1996, the German legend ushered in an era of firsts with the Porsche 911 Turbo (993). Twin turbos roared, four wheels danced in unison and a 6-speed manual gearbox sang a symphony of power. As 402 horses galloped by, it was a performance like no other, etching its name in history's book of triumphs.

The cars presented:

1984 Porsche 928 S

1987 Porsche 911 Turbo Slantnose (930S)

1996 Porsche 911 Turbo (993)




In 1983, this model was presented as a Group rally racing concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. At its heart, a ferocious 2.85-liter engine galloped with an arsenal of 443 horsepower. Only 326 units of this Porsche 959 Komfort marvel graced the world between 1987 and 1989, adorned with a revolutionary traction control system that moved power effortlessly between front and rear wheels, conquering every twist of the road.

It was following the success of 2 models developed for the 1986 Paris-Dakar that this fabulous Porsche was born.

Built from 2003 to 2006, the Porsche Carrera GT, a monocoque supercar, burst onto the scene, embodying the pinnacle of innovation. The V10 engine, roaring with 603 hp, crowned it as Porsche's most powerful road car of its era, drawing on its glorious GT racing heritage.

In the evolution of legends, the 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder became the brand's first hybrid, a fusion of power that announced 887 horses in unison. With a limited number of 918 units to be born, this supercar etched a new chapter in the symphony of speed, creating a harmonious dance between performance and durability.

The cars presented:

1987 Porsche 959 Komfort (Red)

2006 Porsche Carrera GT (Silver)

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder




As the journey draws to a close, three illustrious machines remain for your gaze. Introducing the 2004 Porsche GT3 RS, an embodiment of sporting excellence, an exclusive jewel manufactured in a thousand units.

Admire the resplendent 2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition, a pioneering beacon of heritage, heralding a new era of legacy within the iconic 911 lineage.

And finally, get ready for the Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo, a symphonic fusion of power and innovation, an electrifying evolution derived from the brand's first foray into the electric world.

With these marvels, we conclude our journey through the commemorative exhibition, an exciting odyssey that traces 75 years of Porsche's unparalleled history.

The cars presented:

-  2004 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (White and blue)

2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition (Dark red with white decals)

2022 Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo (Medium blue)





Like I often do when I visit this kind of exhibition, I took some overview pictures to show the floor setup and the most cars I can include in a shot! 

Some say "I would like to be a bird to see that!" 



So, this is the end of this special 75th anniversary commemoration exhibition report held at the 2023 Canadian International Auto Show!

A special thanks to the Cobble Beach Concours d'Élégance and Porsche for this museum quality display.

To know more about the Cobble Beach Concours d'Élégance, feel free to visit the event website for the next dates and car brand features: 




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