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en years already that the Concours d'Élégance puts stars in our eyes at the Toronto Auto Show!

This year, Cobble Beach Classics pay tribute to the performance. Get ready for an exhibition that will thrill you, with 10 of the cars that have marked automotive history in their own way.

From the 1920s to the 1980s, the Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance promises you a journey back in time in the company of these sacred monsters of the road and circuits of Europe and North America.

1929 bentley speed six sport tourer

Race through the crazy 20s with the Bentley Speed Six Tourer, the queen of speed! This British beauty, considered the first sports car, made its debut in 1921.

From its release, it is success!

Bentley Motors becomes synonymous of exceptional quality, elegance and lightning acceleration.

In 1929, it is the great consecration!

Bentley dominated the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a historic top 4 places finish. The "Bentley Boys" won even 3 times during this golden period.


Engine: 6.6-liter 6 cylinders in line
Transmission: Manual 4-speed
Power: 180 horsepower
Maximum speed: 84 mph
Weight: 4705 pounds
Number of units produced: 182

    - Transport yourself to the time of driving this big car through the streets of London or in the English country roads


1931 alfa romeo 6c 1750 grand sport

Drive at high speed with this 2 seats beauty sculpted by Zagato!

Light, balanced, fast and responsive, the Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Grand Sport is a true jewel of motor racing that can shake the cobbles of old European roads. In just three years of production, it has won more than 20 international titles, including the legendary Mille Miglia in 1930.


Tame the strong character of this car and imagine your name in the legend of the Mille Miglia driving this beauty!

Engine: 1.6-liter
6 cylinders in line supercharged with over head double cam
Transmission: Manual 4-speed
Power: 85 horsepower
Maximum speed: 95 mph
Weight: 2024 pounds
Number of units produced: 76

    - Think about it! To be sitting in this car driving on the back roads of Italian Tuscany!

1932 stutz super bearcat

Only 10 surviving units out of 20 products… The Stutz Super Bearcat is a resurrected legend! Designed to be fast, this beauty has been transformed from a sports car into a luxury 2-seater convertible. A true "Hot-Rod" factory, it won several awards from the prestigious "Antique Club of America".

Between 1912 and 1915, her Bearcat cousins dominated the races, including the legendary 1915 Cannon Ball, a race that would be the inspiration for a film in the 70s.

Engine: 5.3-liter
8 cylinders in-line with double overhead cam shaft
Transmission: Manual 4-speed
Power: 156 horsepower
Maximum speed: 100 mph
Weight: 4850 pounds
Number of units produced: 20 of which 10 in existence today

    - Think about it! Drive a 156-horsepower car... in 1932 on the winding roads of New England!

1932 marmon sixteen convertible coupé

8 survivors in existence today… The Marmon Sixteen Convertible Coupé is a forgotten treasure!

From a bygone era, this elegant and powerful beauty hides the largest engine of the time, a 16 cylinder, 200 horsepower and an aluminum body placed on wood signed LeBaron. Forget the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 and the Aston Martin 1.5 liters, here is the American queen of the road!

Engine: 491 cubic inch 16-cylinder aluminum block
Transmission: Manual 3-speed
Power: 200 horsepower
Maximum speed: 105 mph
Weight: 5090 lbs
Number of units produced: 44 of which 8 in existence today

Imagine driving this legend in the Art Deco district of Miami South Beach back in 1932 !

1936 peugeot 402 darl'mat special sport roadster

Follow in the footsteps of French automotive history with the Peugeot 402 Darl' Mat Special Sport Roadster !

Designed for racing and reliability, this French beauty in adapted version ended up in the top 10 of the Le Mans 24 Hours 1938 and 1939. Only 53 units were produced, of which 30 survive today as probable museum jewels as is the case of this beautiful emerald.

Its elegant Art Deco curved body is a true masterpiece for the eyes.

Engine: 2-liter

Transmission: Manual 4-speed
Power: 70 horsepower
Maximum speed: 75 mph
Weight: 2249 pounds
Number of units produced: 53 roadsters and about 30 in existence today

Visualize yourself driving this legend and live the marvelous golden age of the automobile in the streets of pre-war Paris !

1957 ferrari 250 lwb tour de france

In 1956, Ferrari created a racing machine: the 250 GT Superleggera coached by Scagliatti. As weight reduction was imperative in competition, Ferrari used thinner alloy side and rear windows, as well as the brake drums were made of aluminum.

Built for glory, it defied the dangers of the automobile Tour de France. Two Grand Prix drivers were ready to lead her to victory, but the rules decided otherwise. Factory stables were forbidden to participate, they had to be private and Shell did it.

This light blue and red example crashed during the Nurburgring 1000 km test in 1957, then during the Tour de France test in 1957. The miraculous was hastily repaired and finished second.

Today, restored in its original livery, it is a symbol of the racing spirit and its thrilling history.

Engine: V 12-cylinder 3-liter Colombo engine
Transmission: Manual 4-speed
Power: 256 horsepower
Maximum speed: 150 mph
Weight: 2359 pounds
Number of copies produced: 78

    - Driving a Ferrari in a high performance version on an existing circuit in 1957... It must be quite an experience to live, especially when the competing cars are there too on one of today's Tour de France and Mille Miglia!

1966 shelby cobra 427

Only 260 Shelby Cobra 427 built in 1966, legal for the road to exist, and this one is a real gem! With a 427 cubic-inch engine and an impeccable history, it was never modified for racing.

With only 14,000 miles on the clock, it is in near perfect condition. Original seats, windows, bodywork, engine, transmission and chassis: everything is authentic!

Restored in concours level in 2023 by Legendary Motorcar Company, it is a real museum piece.

7.0-liter/427 cubic inches V8-cylinder

Transmission: Manual 4-speed
Power: 425 horsepower
Maximum speed: 164 mph
Weight: 2282 pounds
Number of units produced: 260 units including 100 double carburettor

Design the idea of getting behind the wheel of this American legend and tame the raw power on the California coastal road or a winding Colorado road !

1968 shelby gt500kr convertible

Step onto the performance throne with the Shelby GT500 KR the "King of the Road" facing the Camaro 396! Born from the alliance between Ford and Carroll Shelby, this legend has tamed the roads since 1968.

In 1968, Ford installed its all-new 428 Cobra Jet engine, spitting out its 400 horsepower, shook the asphalt roads. Officially announced to 335 horses, it actually hid a royal power of 400 ponies!

With only 3 examples built in this color and mechanical configuration, it is an absolute rarity.

7.0 litre/428 cubic inch V8-cylinder “Police Interceptor”
Transmission: Manual 4-speed
Power: 335 c.v. for insurance approval, but 400 c.v. in truth
Maximum speed: 140 mph
Weight: 3730 pounds
Number of units produced: 1451 units including 933 fastbacks and 518 convertibles

Dream of taking a seat aboard this sacred monster and experience the ecstasy of pure speed on a long straight road of the American prairies with in the distance, the rockies !

1971 pontiac pegasus concept

Boldness and passion meet in the 1971 Pontiac Pegasus, an automobile chimera born from the unlikely union between Pontiac and Ferrari imagined by Bill Mitchell. In 1970, the second generation of Firebird breathed a European wind into the American brand, inspiring the Pegasus concept. More than just a Firebird, the Pegasus was a real design study, a car dream coming to life.

The designers of 3 General Motors design studios were inspired by the 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, borrowing its long nose and distinctive grille. Enzo Ferrari himself contributed to the project by offering a 4.4-litre V12 365 GTB/4 engine, the beating heart of the beast coupled with a 5-speed Ferrari transmission and a GM Posi-Traction rear axle, for a driving experience worthy of the greatest legends.

The exhaust, mufflers and instruments also came from Ferrari, while the Corvette’s disc brakes on 4 wheels and Borrani rims added a touch of performance and Italian elegance.

Engine: Ferrari V12-cylinder 4.4-liter 365 GT/4
Transmission: Manual 5-speed by Ferrari
Power: 352 horsepower
Maximum speed: 170 mph
Weight: 3834 pounds
Number of copies produced: 1

More than just a car, the Pegasus is a symbol of innovation, a bridge between two distinct Italian-American automotive cultures. Ideal to drive in the very Italian city of Palm Beach, Florida.

1980 lamborghini countach lp400s "lowboy"

Race at over 180 mph in the Lamborghini Countach, an "ultimate supercar" and "adrenaline-inducing motorized dart" as cited by Motorsport Magazine in the 80s! Dressed in Nero with a Bianco interior, this seductive Italian beauty is a true time capsule.

Never restored, it was sold new in Rome by a rich Sheikh of Saudi Arabia who wandered with in all the chic places of Europe to make "me have you seen" ! More than a car, it is a revolutionary and historically significant piece of mobile art thanks to its special opening doors and its design with taut lines.

4.0-liter V12-cylinders
Transmission: Manual 5 speed
Power: 374 horsepower
Maximum speed: 193 mph
Weight: 2910 pounds
Number of units produced: 105 Series II LP400S

Visualize yourself in the cockpit of this legend and experience the ecstasy of pure speed by making a small nocturnal London - Monaco with open tomb!

the final word...

So, hoping that you have fully vibrated to the rhythm of these 10 exceptional cars and live an unforgettable experience by imagining you driving each of them on the most beautiful roads of our earth!

Some works by Jay Koka, official artist of the Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance was also on display.

a little bonus with this...

Cobble Beach Concours are even given a small booklet that tells us more about the cars on display in this tribute to performance.

There is even the cover which is a realization of Jay Koka, the artist whose works are visible in the album above.

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