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 PUBLISH ON AVRIL 19th, 2024


t was during the 2024 Montreal International Auto Show, that I met for an interview with Nhoyan Ouellet Garlarneau, one of the brains behind Fougal Creations, a specialized shop that transforms the Mustang into a retro-performance muscle car.




Fougal Creations is embarking on a bold quest, to merge the vintage charm of the muscle Mustangs of the 1960s with the modern power of supercars.

Imagine a classic looking Mustang with the performance of a modern Ferrari!

Fougal Creations transform these cars by adding a wider body, massive 19 or 20-inch rims and high performance Michelin tires for a supercar look a like look and a pro touring car stance.

And the Fougal team don’t just redo the body, no, they touch everything: engine, interior, and of course, the chassis.



The bodywork is not just pretty to the eyes.

It is redesigned to split the air like an endurance race car.

Clever additions, such as an air intake on the outside of the headlights, improve aerodynamics of the front part of the car.

And to ensure handling worthy of a Formula 1 car, Fougal Creations added a front deflector.

The outline of the windows? Reinforced!

The chassis? Reinforced to take all the demonic power of the machine.

And with a modernized suspension, it’s like riding on velvet, but in supercar mode.


When the legacy of the Ford Mustang meets modern technical exotic car innovation, the result, exceptional cars signed Fougal Creations




Imagine yourself under the hood of a 1969 Mustang Mach. But beware, not just any V8 American engine!

Here, we are talking about a power monster with a modern 5.0-liter V8 engine Coyote BOSS 302, an all-aluminum beast spitting 500 horsepower, or rather 800 horsepower thanks to a supercharge addition.

It’s got you covered, huh?

And to transmit all this power to the bitumen, the Fougal team put a Tremec T.56 transmission. It will make sparks!

For the brakes, Fougal have make it strong, Wilwood for the standard models, and Brembo for the supercar versions.

Oh, and did you see the air intake on the hood?

A direct tribute to the 1969 and 1970 BOSS 429 produced to meet NASCAR’s request to have a production car embedding the engine of the NASCAR series competition car.

It’s still a dream touch!



At the front, it is the celebration of design with a black grill with a mesh pattern specially created by the geniuses of Fougal Creations.

The fog lights, well hidden under the front body colored bumper, illuminate the sides of the road so well that even small critters are afraid to venture near the car!

But that’s not all, killing details are added such as a gas cap cut in an aluminum block, double side tailpipes and triple taillights in modernized design style.

What about this rear bumper? It’s so well integrated into the body that it looks like a unique piece of an ultra-modified car event.

Ah, and I almost forgot: despite its lightness, the 1969 Mach 1 modified by Fougal presented in this article, can stand up to a 2023 Shelby GT500 on the quarter mile.

Not bad for an old Mustang, huh?



Inside the cockpit, it is the sporty and luxury look and feel of an exotic car.

Competition seats, Recaro for the most demanding, and even contrasting seams to bring out your artistic side. It is up to you to choose the color of the seats leather and stitching, like on modern sports and exotic car

The center console?

A work of art signed by Nhoyan.

And to remind you that you’re behind the wheel of a racing beast, vintage Ford GT buttons from the 60s are a nice touch.

The dashboard?

An attractive design steering wheel adorned with red leather has been selected to equip this Mustang with an extraordinary breed. The stylish rearview mirror of the 1965 Mustang was chosen for its vintage and classy appearance to take place in the cockpit.

Are there any other interesting details to discover?

The metal pedals with black rubber bands provide a sportier view of the cockpit. And the backgrounds of the white dials, displays a look of today.

What about the tires?

The mighty Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires were choosen by Fougal to feel the road even while closing your eyes.

What about those rims?

A design so complex that even your manic neighbor will look forward to cleaning them!



Presented for the first time at the 2022 Quebec Auto Sport Show, a black 1968 GT500 was sure to appeal to fans of custom vintage Mustang.

Doesn’t that Mustang look familiar to a movie star?

Inspired by the GT500 Eleanor from the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds 2000" by the hood's bump design, the added wider contours of the wheel openings and the lower section of the front grill, the black car looked great on its Hollywood night premiere red carpet.

The 302 BOSS engine, double "Y" stick rims, and redesigned wide rear lights are other additions made to the mechanical beast.

And finally, the satin black decorative Le Mans stripes with red exterior lines are reminiscent of those on the 2015-2020 Shelby GT350R.



Behind this crazy project are Nhoyan Ouellet Galarneau, the designer in chief and Stéphane Fournier, the mechanical specialist. The name Fougal derives from the first syllables of the family names of the 2 founders of the brand.

Nhoyan is the fanatic of classic cars who, after having had some classic and muscle car issues, dreamed of a vintage muscle car with a modern supercar heart.

And Stéphane, it was the genius of mechanics that gave life to this dream.

Together, since 2011, they developed the idea of turning 1965 to 1970 Mustangs into war machines.

Their goals as a company?

To produce between 5 to 7 of these mechanical horses every year.

And this is just the beginning!

With an electric version in sight, which would even simulate the sound and vibration of a high-performance V8.

A pure madness!



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