Article on the 5 Mustang Goddesses of the Carlisle Ford Nationals 2024




h, the Carlisle Ford Nationals!  The only place where a walk around a car becomes a special event to see, sitting in the shadows of the covered stands.

Imagine Ford, Ford Performance's 2023 SEMA show rock star, Saleen, Shelby American and RTR parading their Mustang like fashion models on a stage, trying to seduce the audience with their curves... of their
enhanced bodywork with aerodynamic attributes.

It’s almost like watching a Miss Universe competition, but with sparkling tailpipes.

As part of this article, 5 exclusive Mustang are the stars and will be treated like capital Goddesses, being the most beautiful, and the most successful!

The Goddesses were captured in images mostly in their respective "Midway Alley" booth and in action on the drift track for the RTR Goddess of Racing.



Ford Mustang GT 60th Anniversary presented at 2024 Carlisle Ford Nationals

Let’s start the show with Ford, which presented its new Mustang GT convertible in 60th anniversary edition. Yes, you read correctly, a car that officially has the age to retire but prefers to parade topless!!!

This Goddess of Jouvence was unveiled in a big way on April 17, 2024 in Charlotte at a major event organized by Ford. The production will be frankly limited... to only 1965 units, as if by chance, exactly the first full year of production during which the Mustang was sold.

The beautiful Goddess of Jouvence got the following beautiful options:
- An exclusive 60-year patch-type emblem on the front fenders inspired by the 1965 GT emblem.
- A decorative side stripe applied to the bottom of the bodywork available in Iconic Silver and Vermillion Red, also reminiscent of the first generations.
- Exclusive 20-inch Dark Gravity Gray 5-spoke wheels with a engireed facade including a red central cap, also reminiscent of the 1965 model year.
- An exclusive nostalgic front grille with 2 silver RTR inspired shapes.
- Rear-view mirror caps are silver on red and blue cars and body colour on white Mustang.
- A 60th anniversary dashboard badge serialized with the unit number.

Available in three body colors: Wimbledon White, Race Red and Vapor Blue, because nothing says "60-year limited edition" like the patriotic colors of the American flag!

Inside, get ready to be dazzled by the shades Space Silver, Black Onyx and Carmine Red. The 2025 60-year Edition Mustang GT will be available in dealerships in the fourth quarter of 2024.
Another Mustang was the Dark Horse in a matte/satin body finish. It was originaly unveiled online in February 2024.

It is said that it is a transparent wrap called "Matte Clear Film" from PPG that is applied to the car, regardless of the body color chosen.

The option price is: US$5995

This option is available on all Mustang, as long as there are no decorative strips on the car.

Now folks, imagine the scene!

A Mustang GT California Special in cabriolet mode, all dapper with its Raven Blue color accents, which made its first topless big show at the Los Angeles show in November 2023.

Beside, the Mustang Mach E Rally in Grabber Yellow, because nothing shouts "rally" like a yellow and black car in some very wet dirty mud!

As the last car in this exhibition space, a more basic Mustang GT in Grabber Blue, because it takes something simple to balance all this glitz!

And to top it off, a few pics of the large Ford booth where interesting purchases could be made, to make a seasonal theme wardrobe!


The Ford Performance FP800S concept car as seen at the 2024 Carlisle Ford Nationals

At the 2023 SEMA Show, Ford Performance unveiled the FP800S performance and style package as a concept car.

Imagine the Goddess of the road, a 2024 Mustang GT who drank an ultra-powerful energizing cocktail!  More style, more performance, and probably enough horses under the hood to double trace the asphalt on Highway 81 between Syracuze, NY and Carlisle, PA!

It is said that this performance kit is the most economical solution to double the power of a Mustang GT. Yes, because why settle for the ordinary when you can turn your car into a pony rocket on steroids without selling a kidney?

The FP800S options include:
- Sixth generation 3.0-liter double screw Whipple compressor bringing engine to 800 HP.
- Exclusive 19-inch 10-spoke Battleship Grey wheels secured by black coloured nuts.
- Black cosmetic additions with a thin white line featuring a new high perf Mustang breed.
- Ford Performance badges in the front grille and on the rear black area.
- Car lowering kit for optimal handling.
- A shiny black rear chest applique.


Optional at the customer’s request:
- Exclusive white and black Recaro seats with embroidered FP letters.
- An exclusive black front grille with 2 grey-shaped inserts like RTR.
- Floor mats specifically identified as Ford Performance.
- Borla Extreme cat-back exhaust system with four 5.0 inch end caps.
- Front deflector, hood vents, carbon fiber mirror caps.

A 3-year Ford Performance warranty or 36,000 miles cover the FP800S package.

Ford Performance also had other surprises for pure Mustang scholars! There were well hidden under the awning of the large trailer like some crate engine that are delivered in a wooden box, high performance parts, emblems of all kinds like a black Ford logo instead of blue for your truck, as well as a Bronco and a F150 Raptor that received the Ford Performance treatment.

Imagine if Ford Performance decided to add the FP800S package to install on the Mustang Dark Horse?

With 1,000 horsepower under the hood, you might as well name your car "Hurricane Pony" and add a disclaimer for any damage caused to the roads and circuits on which buyers of such a car would ride!



The Shelby Super Snake 2024 as presented at the 2024 Carlisle Ford Nationals

Shelby American was ready to show us their Goddess of the Desert unveiled in grand premiere on the block of the 2024 Palm Beach Barrett-Jackson auction in April, a beautiful beast, red and white, who shouts "Look at me as I am sexy!".

It’s as if Shelby put all his heritage in a blender and took out this car, ready to give you a full dose of power so intense... of 5 additional horses to his predecessor, that even the race tracks no longer know where to hide!

Friends! Imagine that!

The very first model of a 2024 Mustang, blessed by the wizards of Nevada, who did their magic to create the Super Snake, the undisputed star of their presentation.

They took the Coyote 5.0L engine from the Mustang GT and stuck it to a compressor, giving you 830 horsepower, enough power to send a clear message to other Goddesses of the show!

"Sorry, I am not an ordinary car, I am the goddess of the desert, and I will swallow you all round for my lunch!"

Some mecanical options include:
- Competition suspensions for tighter turns.
- A free-flowing Borla exhaust for a more threatening sound.
- A short stroke transmission lever.
- A specially identified black ball transmission knob.
- 20-inch forged magnesium rims reducing wheel weight by 9 pounds.
- Expanded fiberglass front fenders, aluminium hood, and carbon fiber rear wing and.

And the interior options:
- Embroidered seats and floor mats.
- Specially identified door sill plates.
- A personalized dash plate.
- A 3 year Shelby warranty or 36,000 miles.
A production of 250 units is planned in fastback and convertible version.

Who says Shelby American, talks about the creators of the Shelby Cobra which we found 2 units of 2 different races.

The black Cobra looks straight out of the 1963 Le Mans 24 Hours with its roof that was to improve its aerodynamics against the fierce Ferrari GTOs.

While the Red Cobra seems to come from the Willow Spring circuit, winner of some SCCA competitions!

But wait! That’s not all!

Shelby American isn’t just about cars!

No, no, no!

The Nevada tuner also offers robust high-performance F150 and F250 Ford trucks and specially prepared Raptors, 2 of which were on display as bodyguards protecting the Super Snakes and the 2 Cobras.

Because sometimes you just need a pick-up that can take you shopping at the grocery store or across the desert chasing the undesirables, depending on your mood of the day!



The Saleen 302 2024 and the Saleen SA-40 40th Anniversary at 2024 Carlisle Ford Nationals

Saleen had some novelties to present for 2024, like the 302, but let me tell you, my eyes were on something really spectacular.

Unveiled in March 2023 at the Ponies in the Smokies in Sevierville, Tennessee, the magnificent Saleen SA40 Speedster 40th anniversary, in its bright Speedlab Yellow, a first in this color for an anniversary car since the SA-15 in 1998.

This Goddess of lust is the last Saleen model to be built on the S550 Mustang chassis generation and is available in only 10 units.

It’s like finding a hidden treasure in an ocean of ordinary cars!

Now let me tell you about something that will make your head spin, the 2024 Saleen 302, unveiled in grand premiere at the great "stampede" of the the Mustang 60th anniversary of the Mustang Club of America held in Alabama in April 2024.

As soon as you look at it, you can’t miss its incredible metallic Beryllium Orange color, its exclusive one and a half inch extended front end for enhanced aerodynamics, specially developed for the 2024 Saleen 302.

Imagine, the designers of Saleen started from a 2024 Mustang GT and took it to the workshops of Saleen for a total makeover, to enhance its performance and princely look.

In the cockpit, it’s as if you were in a luxury salon, but with seats that are of a comfort worthy of a palace sofas!

The 2024 Saleen 302 is available in 3 versions:
- White Label, 510 horsepower
- Yellow Label, 745 horsepower
- Black Label, 800 horsepower
Some of Saleen update options include:
- Saleen Performance accelerator controller.
- Saleen Race Craft competition suspension.
- Engine oil cooler.
- Saleen stainless steel high performance quad exhaust.
- Designation plate in engine compartment.
- Saleen Power Flash® high performance fuel calibration.

And among the more visual options:
- Aerodynamic front face with front deflector.
- Exclusive Saleen badges and graphics.
- A Saleen rear spoiler with high negative lift.
- 20-inch 5-pole aluminum rims.
- Serial number plate on dashboard.
- Saleen Signature Series option group including windshield banner and front bumper serial number.

The Saleen Goddesses of Lust are protected by a 3-year warranty or 36,000 miles.

2 other 2024 Saleen Mustang 302 appeared under the Saleen canopy, a dark blue metallic convertible version and a white cut version, wheels included.

Back to our dear 2023 Saleen SA40 Speedster.

Imagine this folks!

The people of Saleen took a 302 Black Label and decided to give it a complete makeover from the tires at the top of the windshield!

With exclusive body parts like a rear seat cover, a stylized carbon fiber arch (for when you need a little protection, but with style), exclusive black graphics (because black is always class) and a black interior with touches of white (to add a touch of sophistication to the atmosphere).

It’s like the car spent a weekend in a luxury spa and came out with a whole new look!

But it’s not over yet...

For owners wishing to carry their Goddess of lust on a trailer, they can get a beautiful truck spicy wish in good care of the mechanics of Saleen!

2 copies of the small Sportruck, and a Sportruck XR 4X4 are also available in the 3 usual Saleen "labels" each.

To conclude, did you know that Saleen customizes your Tesla S?

Yes yes, you do not have a distorted view!

Saleen created the Tesla GTX with the same recipe as the Mustang, an updated exterior and interior design, renewed brakes and suspensions, and a sound... a high-performance Formula E electric car sound!

In the near future, it will be the turn of the Ford Bronco to receive the shock treatment by the Saleen designer and mechanics!



RTR Mustang Spec 2 in action at 2024 Carlisle Ford Nationals

Imagine yourself screaming "Real Time Racing" to the brim!  It perfectly sums up the spirit of the RTR brand since 2009.

RTR mechanics took the 2024 Ford Mustang and transformed it into a Goddess of Racing that lives up to the expectations of Mustang fanatics of a younger generation. The RTR Mustang Spec 2 premiered on May 24, 2023 at the upper parking level of the Hollywood Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida during a special RTR event that was very urban.

With a more aggressive look and high-performance suspension, RTR has managed to make the Mustang Spec 2 version more manageable than ever. It is as if the car had suddenly decided to trade its city shoes for competitive runnings ones, ready to run on race circuits like an Olympic athlete!

Since 2005, Vaughn Gittin Jr, the RTR maestro, has earned a reputation in reinforced concrete in the Formula Drift series.


Imagine him, well helmed, driving a specially prepared Mustang, slipping with style and winning championships like candy trophies at the fair! With his impressive track record, he has become one of the most successful drivers in the Formula Drift series.


RTR is not just a brand, it is the vision of a founder who wanted to make the Mustang more exciting to drive, and apparently, he managed to turn it into a real roller coaster on wheels!

There are 3 RTR modification packages
Some esthetic options include:
- Upper grille w/ RTR air inlets LED.
- RTR Lower Grille.
- Cover vents with RTR design.
- RTR rear boot deflector.
- RTR emblems on front grid and lid.
- RTR Speed Block Graphics Pack.

Options under the bodywork:
- RTR tactical performance front and rear adjustable stabilizer bars.
- RTR rear adjustable shock absorbers.
- RTR suspension mounting kit.
- RTR tactical performance lowering springs.
- 20-inch RTR wheels.
- Nitto NT555 G2 tires - 275/35R20.


Some options in the cockpit:
- Performance shift lever (automatic or manual) RTR.
- Serialized dashboard plate engraved with Vaughn Gittin Jr. signature
- RTR floor mat.
- RTR certificate of authenticity.


RTR Goddesses of Racing are under the protection of a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty.

A special note to owners of Mustang Mach E, Bronco and Bronco Sport!

RTR has a gift for you! An update package to give your baby a little extra spice.

And guess what the friends!!

RTR does not stop there...

If you are ready to venture into the exhilarating world of high-level drift, RTR also offers a specially prepared Mustang that is just waiting for you to tame the terrain and burn rubber!

And as they say at RTR...

“Are you ready to rock?”

This marks the end of the description of the 5 Goddesses of the Carlsile Ford Nationals 2024 who each have their character and temperament!

What is your favorite one?

And in what context do you see yourself with your Dream Goddess?

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